ASP Colloquia

ASP Colloquia

 Group photo of colloquium students and the organizers

Every year, the Advanced Study Program hosts a summer colloquium designed for graduate students on subjects that represent new or rapidly developing areas of research for which good course material may not yet be available. The colloquium brings together lecturers and graduate students to NCAR and generally includes about 25 student participants, and several lecturers from NCAR and the community at large.


In 2018, the Advanced Study Program is hosting two colloquia.

The first colloquium is co-organized with NCAR's Earth Observation Laboratory. It will be held at NCAR's Mesa Laboratory with visits to the Foothills Lab and the Research Avaiation Facility and CU's Mountain Research Station. 
Synthesis of Observations and Models in Studies of Shallow and Deep Clouds - June 4-15, 2018

The second colloquium is co-organized with NCAR's High Altitude Observatory. It will be held at the YMCA of the Rockies in Estes Park Colorado. 
Solar Spectropolarimetry and Diagnostic Techniques


Call for colloquium proposals

We are inviting proposals from groups at NCAR and their university colleagues to lead the Advanced Study Program (ASP) Colloquia in 2019.

The proposal should identify a colloquium topic on a cutting edge research, engineering or scientific computing field with enough breadth to capture the interest of students with diverse scientific backgrounds The aim should be to facilitate an in depth investigation or project by the student participants. ASP will assist with the design of the detailed agenda once a topic is selected; for the proposal, please include just a rough outline of the overall theme, lecture topics, hands-on activities that may include team projects and/or individual investigations.

The Advanced Study Program Summer Colloquium is an excellent opportunity to develop new collaborators, recruit early-career scientists and engineers to NCAR, and it is a valued service to the university community.

Proposals should be 2-3 pages in length; submission deadline is August 30, 2018

Please see this document for additional details.