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The postdoctoral fellowship program provides an opportunity for recent Ph.D. scientists to continue to pursue their research interests in atmospheric and related science. The program also invites postdoctorates from a variety of disciplines to apply their training to research in the atmospheric sciences. Postdoctoral Fellowship »
The Graduate Student Visitor Program is designed to provide NCAR staff opportunities to bring graduate students to NCAR for 3 to 12-month collaborative visits with the endorsement of their thesis advisors and in pursuit of their thesis research. Graduate Visitors »
The NCAR Fellows Associations goals are to provide career and professional guidance, and to develop a supportive community. The Fellows Association hosts regular workshops and events throughout the year, which are led by NCAR scientists and staff, and faculty from our university community. NCAR Fellows Association »
The NCAR Early Career Scientist Assembly (ECSA) provides a forum to discuss career development topics and to host scientific leaders in the atmospheric sciences. The ECSA is a subsection of the NCAR Scientist Assembly and is composed of Scientists, Engineers, and Postdoctoral Scientists. Early Career Scientists »
ASP hosts an annual colloquium exploring subjects that represent new or rapidly developing areas of research. The colloquium brings together lecturers and graduate students to NCAR for two weeks for classroom presentations, instruction and interaction. Colloquia »
The Thompson Lecture Series is one of the the career development services ASP provides to postdoctoral fellows at NCAR. Every year, a Thompson lecturer is selected by the postdocs and invited to NCAR for a 3-day visit to spend time with them and other early-career scientists at NCAR. Thompson Lecture Series »