Prospective Applicants

How to apply

How to apply for the postdoctoral fellowship

Your application will consist of 4-5 parts.

  • Statement of research
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Transcripts
  • Cover Letter/Other (this is optional)
  • The names and email addresses of up to four references who can provide a letter of reference


In order to help us properly route your applications materials for review, you will be required to identify at least one research group at NCAR that is relevant to your research. You may select up to three if your interests span multiple programs. To see an overview of the organization, along with links to specific programs, please click here.

The ASP will NOT accept applications via email.

Detailed instructions on the application system can be found here,

Statement of Research

Your statement of research should be a 2-3 page document (12 pt font, single spaced, including figures and references) that provides information about what you propose to research at NCAR. Your proposed research should enhance and complement the research already being conducted at NCAR. For more information about NCAR's research and Strategic Plan, please go to Your statement of research should be a maximum of 3 pages, and you may include figures. The document MUST be a PDF file.

Curriculum Vita

Your Curriculum Vita must be uploaded to the application program as a PDF document.


Your transcripts must be uploaded to our system as a PDF document. We only need your graduate transcripts, and they can be unofficial. Please get a copy of your transcript and scan it as a PDF document. If you attended an American institution and your transcript contains your social security number, please be sure to block out that number before scanning. If you attended graduate school at an institution that does not have transcripts, please provide a list of your graduate coursework and any grades/marks received.

Cover Letter/Other (optional)

The application system allows you one additional upload. You may include a cover letter or some other document as long as it is a PDF. Your letter can be addressed to the Director of ASP, Rebecca Haacker.

Letters of Reference

As part of the application process, we ask for four letters of recommendation from your references. Your references will be able to upload their letters of recommendation for you directly into the application program. (The ASP Application Program will automatically send an email requesting a letter of reference to the email address that you enter into the system for a reference, the email is sent immediately after you click 'submit reference'.)
The email will include an exclusive link that will allow them to upload a document. You will receive notice from the system when each of your references have successfully uploaded a letter on your behalf. It is extremely important that you enter the contact information for your references as soon as possible so that they will have time to write and upload the letter before the deadline!

If your reference has not received the automated email or has deleted it due to it being marked as spam (unsolicited bulk email) please have them send the letter via email to or