Early Career Scientist Assembly

The Early Career Scientist Assembly (ECSA) is a permanent standing committee of the NCAR Scientist Assembly (NSA) and managed by the ECSA steering committee.

Purpose of the ECSA

The ECSA represents the interests of early career scientists within the NSA, and the ECSA steering committee voices concerns, solutions, and successes from early career scientists to NCAR/UCAR management to guide institutional policies. In order to achieve our mission statement of creating a strong and inclusive early career workforce at NCAR/UCAR, the ECSA strives to:

  • Foster a community of mutual respect and cooperation within NCAR/UCAR;

  • Promote effective early career scientist participation in the management of NCAR;

  • Facilitate early career scientific interaction across NCAR/UCAR;

  • Enhance communication in matters of concern between NCAR early career scientists/engineers and NCAR management;

  • Host early career focused events for NCAR staff;

  • Engage NCAR early career scientists and research engineers' in the development of NCAR’s programs;

  • Advise NCAR management and UCAR governance concerning scientific and research engineering policy and related matters affecting the institution.

The ECSA is pleased to offer visitor funds to early-career scientists who would like to bring a visitor to NCAR for a collaborative visit.

The ECSA also offers travel funds to early career scientists who would like to attend conferences, workshops, or meetings, but who do not have sufficient resources to go.

You can sign up, search the list archives, and view the subscriber list once you subscribe to the mailing list for the ECSA.

Steering Committee Members.