ECSA Travel Funds Requests

Early Career Scientist Assembly FY2017 Travel Funds Program

Funding is available for NCAR employees only! Deadline for applications in March 13, 2017.

Download the application form here, travel_request-FY2017.doc

If you have questions about ECSA travel funds please contact Diana Zucco (

Travel for these funds MUST COMPLETED WITHIN THE FY17 FISCAL YEAR [Before September 30, 2017].

Requests will be ranked on a points system based on current position, cost sharing and other travel. Priority is given to associate and project scientists over scientists, and to those who may not have other travel funds. Funds available for NCAR employees only (UCAR Employees not eligible).

Associate Scientist I = 5
Associate Scientist II = 4
Associate Scientist III = 4
Associate Scientist IV = 4
Project Scientist I = 4
Project Scientist II = 3
Scientist I = 3
Scientist II = 3
Research Engineer I = 3
Research Engineer II = 3
ASP Post Doc = 3
Other Post Doc = 4

Subtract 1 point for each trip taken in the past 12 months
Priority will be given to those who have not received ECSA funding in the last 2 years

Maximum award is $1,500

ECSA members who receive ECSA travel support will be required to submit ONE of the following to the ASP office prior to my signing their travel reimbursement requests:
- a pdf file of the presentation that they made while on travel
- a pdf file of the poster that they presented while on travel
- a detailed trip report, outlining the purpose of their trip and
its impact on their research and/or professional development (N.B. ALL acronyms need to be defined in this report).